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Burning the buildings

Determine the compass and azimuth bearings of the boundaries by beginning at 1 in a clockwise direction.
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*smiles insanely* you seem to be an interestin person...destrustion can be a very good thing...
My little outlet for animosity...
I feel like a demon in disguise...
Go to work everyday and pretend I am so nice and sweet...
No one will ever expect what I do to come from me. Is this evil? It very well maybe, but my belief is that in order for something to be evil, remorse must be felt. I believe what I do is necessary. There is a squirrel trapped in the ceiling of my office. I can't figure out how it got there. I just scared the shit out of it.
*grins* squirell!!...you gonna light that on fire to?...it feels good to vent
I couldn't get to him. He was in the vents or something, and plus I don't want to be at the wrong end of a lawsuit for setting off the sprinkler system.